Our custom stairs add a touch of elegance features of you home. we work with all the popular domestic wood species along with exotice and import wood as well. whether you are building a new house or remodeling your current home, a custom staircase is the perfect way to make a dramatic impression.For unique designs that showcase the grandeur of your home, you’ll raise your standard of living with custom stairs by Goldwood Stairs & Floor.

Recovering a construction set of stairs with  solid wood treads
Hardwood Stairs: Treads for Refacing or New Installation
(reface your construction steps with hardwood stairs)


Hardwood stairs are made from solid laminated wood..... NOT veneered particle board, or low grade lumber wrapped with a nice veneer to look pretty. Our hardwood stair treads are fabricated from solid 1" thick premium grade timber, sized and shaped to your dimensions.

Exotic or Not Hardwood Planks? Stairs are from wood, colour sorted (or NOT) dependent on your decorating preferences, and in woods from zebrawood to brazilian cherry -- Our wooden stair treads are made in a wood species and/or a rustic flavour to compliment your existing decorating, choose and we'll make it!

Here are some of your options...

 Standard Hardwood Stair Treads:

- 1" thick wood stair treads: 10 1/4" or 11 1/4" wide

- standard wooden stair treads are rounded on the front edge, with square ends, designed to butt up against a wall or solid stringer

- top face is nicely sanded
- can be rough on the back face of the wood step where it doesn't show.

Finished Ends: Standard Bullnose End (Right End Shown)
red oak stair tread finished 2 ends

Our typical wood stair treads are cut square on both ends.

For open sided stairway treads we round over the end grain to create a finished side. Staircase treads designed in this way are NOT between walls, but typically are open with a railing on one or both sides.

- order finished ends, by looking up the steps & defining as Right (R) or Left (L) end bullnose required

- further info on finished ends

3 Stair Tread Winders ( right hand shown in drawing below)
3 Step Winder Treads

- 3 oak stair tread sets are made to custom size and shape but typically designed for a 42" or 48" landing.
- treads designed with grain running parallel to the front leading edge
- made from your templates

Photo: (top of the page)
3 stair tread set: Birch (left)

Starting Step: with Half Round ( right hand shown )
Starting Step with Half Round for Volute Post

- A Half Round Oak Starting Step is bull nosed along front and around one or both ends.
- custom sized for length, depth & location of notch
- standard diameter 12", other sizes available on custom order

Drawing: Starting step with left end finished.

Starting Step with Quarter Round ( Picture: both ends )
Birch Starting Step, finished 2 ends
Starting step: Quarter Round

- a Quarter Round, oak starting step is bull nosed along front and around the finished end(s)
- custom sized for length and depth
- standard radius is 6 or 12"
- custom curves available

Photo: Starting Step with customer cutting out back to wrap around the wall.

Custom Shapes

wood spiral oak stair treads in Toronto We make a tread for stairs of all shapes and sizes based on a paper templates that you provide.

Final fitting and trimming is done on site, but we cut close to size.

Down load the instructions for template making here... pattern making for wood spiral stairs. These can be easily made from kraft paper and mailed in an envelope or tube.